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Vincent is a Polar Guide for the Norwegian company Ousland Exploration. Discover below some of the destinations.


What about crossing the largest plateau of Northern Europe? Hardangervidda reach out for the stars between Oslo and Bergen, and springtime in Norway is such a great time of the year to enjoy the outdoors on skis. April means more sun and bright nights, with reasonable temperatures and perfect conditions with lots of snow. Apart from the breathtaking scenery, challenges and once in a lifetime experiences, we aim to teach you the basic routines of sled pulling and camping in the snow. This weeklong ski trip with sleds and skis across the Hardangervidda plateau is a trip you can join if you don’t feel like being away for too long but still want to get a feel for how its done on bigger trips. It’s not a very strenuous trip, but long enough for a good re-set of your mind and body, boosting your energy levels.

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The highest mountain on Svalbard is Newton peak, 1713 meters high, in the heart of Atomfjella. Usually this trip takes place in the spring, but our experience has shown us that August is one of the best months for it. The wet snow in the lower parts are gone, weather is generally good, there is still midnight sun and transport in and out to the glacier system is much faster since you can use a boat. In August 2014 we skied from Verlegenhuken and down to the Vonpost glacier. Along the way we climbed the Newton peak. It was absolutely the highlight of the trip. The journey towards the coast, over the big glacier systems between Von post glacier and the summit, was an equally great experience. Apart from the boat trip, and occasional use of crampons at the start, it is a pure ski trip. We are constantly on glacier. Camp sites are all on snow and even up to the summit we can use skis. Crevasses are easily visible and if there is any doubt about the conditions we go roped up. On Svalbard it is difficult to imagine a more beautiful ski trip or a better season to ascend the Newton peak on than this!

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This is the real way to the North Pole. In approximately 10 days you will experience everything the Polar Sea has in it’s armour: The cold, the pressure ridges, the leads, the drifting ice, the stunning light, the team spirit, how to survive and conquer the harshest environment on earth! To reach the 90° North will fill you with both pride and immense happiness – this is a world and an experience not for the faint-hearthed!

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